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About this site: This site contains models from each year with pictures of most of the cars and the "small and hidden parts" like t-bars, mirrors, interior and so on! All the highlighted text are links to what the text say! Just click it and enjoy the looks of the Mustang! Please use your (back) button if you get "stuck" on a page. I haven't had the time to link everything back to their original place yet.


15.01.2002 : SOON TO COME; MY SIGNED NICLAS CAGE PICTURE IN FRONT OF HIS "BELOVED" ELEANOR (SHELBY GT500) FROM THE MOVIE GONE IN 60 SECONDS. hopefully up and running tomorrow I'll get some more pictures and wallpaper soon as well, added a 2001 convertible picture today .Please take time to sign my guestbook and tell me what you think about the site.

NOTE:due to the many mails i recive it might take me some time to answer, i get questions about everything and try my best to answer every mail, but it might take some time to answer all.