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Well you wanted to know about me! So here are some facts about The Norwegian Viking! *lol*

Well i'll tell you something about myself, but where should i start?? I was born in Trondheim on the night of 13.12.75 by my mother.....! *gee*... go figure that one out!* *l* I have lived up north all my life.....something i don't understand myself! Because i'm getting really sick of the bad weather and cold temperatures all year! *l* So hopefully i will visit Australia next summer hopefully for a year or more. I guess it will be a very interesting thing to try out! *s*
I also practice Kick boxing(for all of you who haven't tried it: Do it!!! it's real fun and a real good exercise!)
Right now i'm working with some computer project, i shall not say more about that, will only confuse you when i'll try and explain what i really do! *l* (my english ain't to good! Guess you've already noticed!) *s* And something everyone know about me....... is that i'm crazsy for Mustang's from 1965 and 1966! *s* That is one of the most beutiful cars ever made! Well some people mean i'm crazy! *l* and that's based on the fact that i want a kangoroo for a pet...?!?! *l* Ain't that something all want??? So if you see a crazy blond dude runnin around after some Kangoroo's (tanx to zoogal for givin me this page! *huge huggles*) who btw are real cute it might be me....... *lol* or if you see someone lazy like a Koala lyin around on the beach or in the sun...... well that might be me too! *g* So you've gotta watch out cause maybe you'll see me runnin around in Sydney one day! *s* Well that's about it for now......! *s* if you wanna now more come and talk with me at Doug's or in the HCU! You'll find the links where ya just came from! *s* just press your BACK button! and i'll c-y in there! Well i'm not there all the time........ so if i'm not there at the time being you'll have to try later or mail me and i'll get in touch with ya! *s* Well that's all folks C-Y! *s*

Pictures will come later!