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Mustang Fastback 1965

Engines :
200-hp challanger V-8
225-hp challanger special V-8
271-hp challanger high performance V-8

Transmissions :
3-Speed Cruise-O-Matic
4-Speed Manual

Apperance :
Interior Decor Group
Deluxe steering Wheel
Deluxe Wheel Covers with Knock-Off Hubs
Styled Chrome-Plated steel Wheels (14-inch)
Wire-Style Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off Hubs (14-inch)
Accent Paint Stripe and Rocker Panel Molding Package
White Sidewall Tires

Convenience :
Push-Button AM Radio
Ford Air Conditioner
Backup Lights
Tinted Windshield
Tinted Glass All Around
Visibility Group-includes remote-control outside mirror

Power equipment :
Power Brakes
Power Steering

Safety :
Padded Sun Visors
Deluxe Color-Keyed Seat Belts with Retractors
Emergency Flasher

Extras :
289 V8 Tag
Back Seat
Trunk with Seats down
Adjustable seat
Fog Lights

Text from the Mustang Commercial!!
The Fastback comes on bold with style you'd expect only from Europe and only at very high prices. But this one's a Mustang with the kind of low Ford price that has made Mustang so popular. Luxury with versatality comes in double handfuls. Silent-Flo Ventilation draws in a stream of fresh air with all windows closed.(Stale air, tobacco smoke exit out the louvers.) In the rear the 2-passanger deep-foam seat folds down into a 35x41-in. platform, more than tripling luggage space! The big 10-sq. ft. "skylight" window is tinted glass to cut sun glare. A new standard 120-hp, 200cu. in. Six is quick and strong...a quality throughbred, smooth as a jewel with its 7-main-bearing crankshaft. Thrifty, too, the Six is just one of many "savers" standard in Mustangs. Twice-a-Year maintenance...self-adjusting brakes, aluminized all the other service savings pioneered by Ford. Any wonder that mustangs are so easy to fall in love with?