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Mustang Hardtop 1967

Engines :
200-120 hp 6'
289-200 hp Challanger V-8
200-hp challanger V-8
289-225 hp Challanger special V-8
289-271 hp Cobra V-8
390-320 hp Thunderbird special V-8

Transmissions :
3-Speed Cruise-O-Matic
4-Speed Manual

Apperance :
Interior Decor Group
Deluxe steering Wheel
Vinyl Roof Covering
Deluxe Wheel Covers with Knock-Off Hubs
Styled Chrome-Plated steel Wheels (14-inch)
Wire-Style Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off Hubs (14-inch)
Accent Paint Stripe and Rocker Panel Molding Package
White Sidewall Tires

Convenience :
Push-Button AM Radio/Stereo
Ford Air Conditioner
Backup Lights
Tinted Windshield
Tinted Glass All Around
Visibility Group-includes remote-control outside mirror

Power equipment :
Power Brakes
Power Steering

Safety :
Padded Sun Visors
Deluxe Color-Keyed Seat Belts with Retractors
Emergency Flasher

Extras :
289 V8 Tag
Adjustable Seat
Seats in Hardtop
Door Panel
Baggage Room

Text from the Mustang commercial :
How do you improve on a classic? How do you add excitment to an American original-an original wich is already the most exciting, most acclaimed new car in history? With subtle body changes and interior improvments. The result is is a rare combination that says Mustang for '67 is undeniably new-without taking away the flair and flavor of the classic design that is so inmistakably Mustang! What did we keep? The standars that made Mustang a classic in the first place... standards that won the hearts of almost a million-and-a-half owners in under three years. Those owners have taken the Mustang Pledge...beacuse of standard features like bucket seats and full carpeting. Floor-mounted shift. All-vinyl trim. Lithe performance and handling. And most particulary we kept the classic long, lean, adventurous look - of Mustang, the original.