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Mustang Convertible 1969

Get a Mustang Convertible and have sometin to tell your grandchildren....... Mustang's 5-ply vinyl top flips down easily by hand. Or get the automatic power top and do the whole job with a fingertip. A clear vinyl backlite is standard, there's also a glass backlite aviable. It folds across the center on a silicone rubber hinge when you put the top down. Cleans as easily as the windshield too. More Magic: hidden fastners hold the boot securely when the top's down. Besides there are all those things that only Mustang offers - like a feel for the road that means more fun in getting to where you're going. A floor-mounted shift lever on all transmissions, and a choice of eight engines. Bucket seats, that are individually adjustable, for comfort and a sports car feel. And an instrument cluster whit a clock that really lets you know what's happening. Get the interior decor group. You also get a Rim blow steering wheel and a remote control left-hand mirror that can be adjusted from the inside. Very tasteful and very Mustang.