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Mustang GT 1969

Get your Mustang GT. Hardtop, Convertible or sportsroof. Pick your power from a choiche of five movinf V-8's: either the 351's, the 390's, or go all out and get of the 428's. You'll get throaty dual exhausts and quad outlets with the four larger engines....Out of sight. Very roadable under way. It figures. In each corner, adhesion. And a quick steering response. The answer: wide oval belted tires on real competition type styled steel wheels. Heftier shocks, springs and stabilizer bar. Other GT knickknacks: pop open gas cap, pin type hood lock latches, stripes and functional "shaker" hood air scoop with the 4V 428 cobra jet ram air. Or you can order the functional scoop as an option with 351 and 390 CID V-8's. You gotta love Mustang GT.