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1979 Mustang 3 Door (Tanx to Josh Langan for this pic and info!)

- First year for the Fox body chassis
- 10,478 built
- 2106 302 equiped with 3 spd autos
- 2402 302s with 4 speed manual
- 5970 2.3l four cyl turbos with 4 speed auto
- this info was provided by the indy pace car registry of 79 mustangs base in Lakewood, Colorado Dept mf po box 261251. postal is 80226 a specially prepared 302 powered t top version paced the 63rd running of the indy 500 race. Standard engine was the 302 2v equiped v8 with the 4 speed overdrive manual transmission. it used 8.4:1 compression to slug out a whopping 250lb of torque at 1800 rpm and 140 net hp at 3600 rpm the actual pace cars were prepared by Jack Roush What made the pace car different were 25 components. These were dealer installed pace car decals and striping - metric michelin TRX rims and tires nonfunctional cowl induction hood rear decklid spoiler and front air dam -special zebra stripe recaro bucket seats -special indy dash plaque as well as others you could also order it with the automatic or the trbo 4 cyl - suggested retail was $9,012.00