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Mustang GT 1986

Text from the commercial:

For 1986, the Mustang GT 5.0 liter high output V-8 power plant is virtually all-new featuring electronically controlled, sequential mutiple-port fuel-injection, SAE rated at 200 horsepower. And it's aviable with the optinal Automatic Overdrive transmission. Helping to keep all that power under control and efficiently transferring it to the road are a 5-speed manual overdrive transmission, tracktion-lok rear axle, special suspension components and 15-inch steel-belted radial ply Goodyear Eagle VR60 unidirectional performance tires. GT's articulated front sport seats are cloth and feature adjustable thigh and side cushion bolsters to help hold you snugly in place. A closer look at the bucket seats. In the rear of the hatchback model, a split fold-down seat provides a variable passanger/cargo area that's very accommodating. The standard console includes the graphic systems monitor and digital clock. Other performance features are quick ratio power steering with increased effor for improved "road feel", tilting , soft-feel steering wheel and unique pedal package for "heel-and-toe" downshifting. Imagine having all that performance and fun wrapped up in a convertible. Well, there's no need to imagine because Mustang GT performance comes in a convertible model as well. Complete with power retractable top, rear glass window and room for four. You could also add a AM/FM radio stereo cassette player and maybe add some air conditioning as well.