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Mustang Convertible 1996

Text from the commercial:
The Convertible are powered by a responsive 3.8-liter SEFI V-6. The Mustang Convertible is built as a convertible from the start, not as a modified coupe. It has other special features, too, including a glass rear window. All Mustangs come with a tilt steering wheel. Fold down either one or both of the rear seat backs if you're carrying long items. The full center floor console includes an armrest, storage bin, cupholder, plus cd and cassette tape storage. Mustang's instrument cluster features the clarity of analog gauges: tachometer, voltmeter, engine temperature, fuel and oil pressure. Dual airbags are standard on all models. Four-wheel power disc brakes are standard equipment. And you can choose beetween these sounds system the standard AM/FM radio/cassette player, CD-player or the mini disc system. The new and improved outside mirror has improved the sight on both sides.