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Funny questions about Norway!

A tourist from U.S.A. asked this question : "Are the Norwegian fjords open at night?"
Well what could i say? :) i guess the fjords are always open! *l* (for those who don't know what a fjord is; it's our "sea", "inlet" or sometin like that)

A tourist asked this quesiotn : "Are the Norwegians and Swedes the same human race?"
Hmmmm...... well we live in two diffrent countries, but i guess we're about the same?????

A tourist asked this question : "Is it allowed to stuff Trolls? Ain't that a threatend spicie?"
I've never seen a Troll at all!!! *l*

A tourist asked this question : "Can i drive all the way to Svalbard?"
Sure you can but not in Norway! *l* (Svalbard is an Island outside the coast of Norway----- far outside! *g*)

A tourist asked this question : "Is the battle on Stiklestad this or next week?"
The battle on Stiklesatd was in about 900-1000 years ago! :) (when the Vikings was ravaging)

A tourist asked this question : "Can you give me a map over the North pole"
*gee* It's cold here, but not that cold! *g* (for those who didn't know..... the north pole is a far way longer north......*l*)

A tourist said this : "When i'm here in Oslo, i'd love to live on a mountain hotel!"
*wow* When in the city..... you'd have difficaulties findin a hotel like that :) (Oslo is the biggest city in Norway)

A german tourist asked this quessiton : Should i carry a weapon to defend myself from bears and wolves?"
I've walked many times in the mountains and "bush" but never seen any of those creatures...... (they're rare *sigh*) but if you're headin a long time into the mountais..... and if you in that 1 : 1 000 000 should meet a bear (it might be a good idea!)

A tourist wondered : "Do i have to take a vaccine against mosquito?"
Well they're blood suckers..... but not dangerous at all :) (all you'd get if bitten is a little red mark that itch a little)

A tourist wondered : "Are there often earthquakes in Fredrikstad?"
Don't think you have to worry to much about earthquakes in Norway :) (luckily)